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  • McLees_M_Atmospheres1 first excerpt1:37
  • McLees_M_Chase_throughTheGothicQuarter0:45
  • McLees_M_ FilmscrExcrpt Great Mediant.mp30:54
  • McLees_M_PianoQuintet, mvt.2 2nd excrpt.mp31:06
  • McLees_M_Cartoon_Polka 0:36
  • McLees_M_Arranger_Beethovn 4.4for pnos4Ww's.mp31:47
  • McLees_M_Anciennes_Danses_Francaises et Italiennes for strings and recorders.mp31:49
  • McLees_M_CirclesofSpririts For Rec Orch hpschd.mp32:26
  • McLees_M_Flying_ Spirits_ Excpt 1 from Spirits Suite.mp31:28
  • McLees_M_DoublyStopped for Quintet Exrpt20:45
  • McLees_M_Heroic Spirits21:00
  • McLees_M_PianoQuintet2ndMvt_excrpt.mp31:19
  • McLees_M_Tarantella_forCntrBssn, WWs, piano.mp31:22
  • McLees_M_The_Turtle_Dove_ exrpt for Recorders, Hpschd.mp31:22
  • McLees_M_Piano Quintet First movement- excerpt 1:43
  • McLees_M_Doubly_Stopped_for Quintet Exrpt 11:34
  • McLees_M_Heroic Spirits of the Isle--Excerpt 11:12
  • McLees_M_Fantasy_On_a_Theme_of_Clara_Schumann-excerpt0:42
  • McLees_M_Flying_Spirits_FromsprtsuiteExerpt2.mp31:34
  • McLees_M_Elegy to Ancestral Spirits_Frm Spirits Suite For rec orch and hpschd.mp31:06
  • McLees_M_A_Courante_Event0:33
  • McLees_M_The_Great_Mediant Filmscr.mp30:57
  • McLees_M _Wide New World_ sample w fadeout.mp31:17