Bachelor of Music. Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Life Experience. Music for Media, Travel. Master Classes. Private Instruction. Stage and Group Performance.

​Michael McLees

Performing arts

If my music samples you hear inspire you, use the 'contact' tab and please do send your regards!.I love to hear from people worldwide. Composer, classically trained pianist, performer, collegium, society, recorderist, percussion section player, vocal arranger, theatre pit-orchestra musician, and chorus singer. I give lessons in piano and teach college-level music theory. I've accompanied and helped vocalists choose selections to showcase their talents for auditions, for parties, or just for showing off! Keywords: Living American composer, theatre, accompanist, arranger, composer, piano lessons, private instruction, harpsichord, viol, recorder, music appreciation, counterpoint, composing, Renaissance, Celtic, Baroque. Influences: Debussy, Faure, Byrd, Hassler, Wilbye, Trombetti, Buxtehude, Scarlatti, Pachelbel, Rota, Italian masters, many film composers, and many others. Keywords: Blokfluit, Blockflöten, flauto dolce, клавесин, klavessiin, klawesyn, klavesinui, είδος παλαιού πιάνου, cravo, klavihords, klavesinui ,大鍵琴 ,하프시 코드, Mollenhauer, Thomann, Moeck, Hopf, Erta, Arta, flûte à bec, flauta dulce, flauta de pico, Klavecimbel, Cembalo, Clavecin, Klavier, clavicembalo, Harpsichord


I learned from the best! I first studied piano and music theory/counterpoint with Derna Stellati. She held four degrees from the Naples Conservatory of Music in her native Italy. Her degrees were in Piano, Counterpoint, Organ, and Composition. I studied the art  of counterpoint and rigorous sol-feg with her, as well as excelling in piano, and that basis has permanently influenced my creative thinking. Other teachers included David Berfield, Jack Ringgold of Loyola Marymount, and the Taubman method. Finally, I studied composition with Lloyd Rogers of UCLA. Though he trained with U.S. neoclassicists [Persichetti, Piston] he earlier trained with the French School. Lloyd was never dogmatic about stylistic matters and always encouraged my individual creative ideas to come out-- not merely to be shoehorned into a “school of composers”. I am eternally grateful to my aforementioned teachers!

As a teacher myself:

I have taught eager students ranging in age from children age 4 through adults, specializing ultimately in music: Piano, Music theory, voice, and baroque recorders of various sizes. Keywords: theory, composition, arranging. Currently soliciting another college for on-line music theory teaching work for colleges located anywhere, or traditional in-person teaching for local colleges in this part of Southern California. If you are interested in soliciting teaching work from me, please send a line through the contact tab.